Get the facts…

  • Permanently kills brain cells
  • Loss of coordination, poor judgment, slowed reflexes, & distorted vision
  • Causes memory loss and blackouts
  • Causes damage to every organ in your body
  • Lowers inhibitions and impairs judgment
  • Leads to risky behaviors, such as unprotected sex
  • Large amounts of alcohol can lead to coma or death
  • 40% of traffic deaths are related to alcohol use

Before you risk it…

  • It is ILLEGAL for anyone under 21 to buy or possess alcohol
  • 1 drink can cause you to fail a breath test
  • Binge drinking means drinking 5 or more drinks on one occasion
  • Mixing alcohol and other drugs, medications, or energy drinks is very dangerous and can lead to accidental death.
  • Alcohol causes bad breath and weight gain

Signs of a drinking problem…

  • Getting drunk on a regular basis
  • Lying about the amount of use
  • Feeling like drinking alcohol is necessary to have fun
  • Being hung over frequently
  • Feeling run-down, depressed, or even suicidal
  • Having blackouts – forgetting what he/she did while drinking
  • Having problems in school or getting in trouble with the law